Darkest Place Short Biography

Darkest place is one of the best band that Mozambique has, from the high and agressive voices to the fast playing guitar and hard beating drums. In late October of 2006 a group of young teenagers decided to form up a band. In the beggining It really had no name. But for some reason people started calling them Darkest Place. Although the name was not official by the time. It started off with only Roger, Papito, Zezinho & Gerson. **Line up** Roger (Metal Slave) - Guitar Michael (Grimm) - Guitar Pinto (Course) - Vocals Luana - Vocals Zezinho (Gothic Boy) - Keyboard Joelle - Bass Goro Fast - Drums Shiraz Calu - Manager & Promoter **Influences** Beethoven ,Mozart ,Dark Tranquility ,Epica ,Nightwish ,As I Lay Dying ,Draconian ,Cradle of Filth ,Dimmu Borgir, Immortal, Dark Funeral, Lamb of God, Cannibal Corpse, trivium, moonspell etc... **Bookings** Michael Da Costa Cell: +28848950607 E-Mail: mike-7_c_@hotmail.com Shiraz Calu Cell: +28828412860 E-Mail: shirazcalu@hotmail.com Roger Pinhal Cell:+28827776263 E-Mail: roger_pinhal@hotmail.com

Sunday, October 18, 2009

Rockzone live!!

Greetings all you metal freaks...I just want to start of by saying Rockzone Live!! was out of this world, it was insane to be playing in front of over 500 blood crazy metalheads, but it was a successful event, we first had Silent Spirits who warmed up the crowd, and they were insane for their first gig ever the crowd really enjoyed them, after Silent Spirits it was on to the Alternative Rock band Selfesteam who heated up the crowd, and then came one of the peoples favorite band Darkest Place, we played most of our new songs and it really lit a spark with the people, total madness went out when we played our song 'Another Dimention', then after Darkest place the old school rockers presented them selfs on stage Brain Damage, really great performance from their part...After them came the international band from Nelspruit South Africa ...and Winter, the crowd were blown out of their minds when these titans started playing, an absolute amazing performance from ...and Winter, then came the last band to finish the show Unlocked Minds who were really pumping the people when they hit the stage...

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